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Zero-Stress Guidance from Draft to Delivery

About Us

You’ve written a book! Or…you want to.
Either way, warm congratulations and welcome to the club.
You’ve worked very hard! Or…you’re about to.

We at Winter Island Press understand the thrill of getting that book out there. We also know very well the challenges and frustrations that pop up along the way. Our full range of coaching, editing, and publishing services are designed to accompany you through the labyrinth, from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. 

Winter Island Press will custom design a package of services to help you write and publish a fiction or non-fiction book of the highest quality.

Editorial Services

Book Coaching

Are you just getting started on your writing journey? You know what you want to write about, you have something to say, but you’re not sure how to organize your thoughts and launch. You could use a coach!

Manuscript Assessment

Maybe you’ve written a whole heap of pages, but they’re just that–a heap. Hand ‘em over! We’ll read what you’ve got and give you some preliminary feedback about what to do next.

Structural Editing

The level of editing you need depends on how much you’ve done already. We call the first pass structural (or developmental) editing. At this stage, your editor is looking at overall structure, character development, and style.

Copy & Line Editing

After developmental editing, you will want to zoom in a bit, to the line and copy-editing stage. Here, we look more closely at aspects of characterization, pacing, tone and, crucially, language and flow. 


Finally, after all the substantive work is done, you will need a proofreader to catch all those pesky typos and otherwise invisible errors.

Publishing Services

Book Covers

The title, subtitle, and cover of a book can make or break its sales. Winter Island Press connects authors with professional cover artists to bring your vision to life.

Manuscript Formatting

There is virtually no overlap between the imagination, persistence, and heart it takes to write a book and the highly nitpicky skills required in the formatting of it for publication. Unless you enjoy feeling intimidated and exhausted, let our highly nitpicky staff do this for you.

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Winter Island Press Imprint

Until the publishing industry comes around, having an imprint will boost the credibility of your published book. Let Winter Island Press be your publisher. 

ISBNs and Barcodes

The ISBN is the most important identifier your book can have. You need this unique identifier if you want readers to find your book in bookstores or online. A barcode allows automated scanning and point of sale transactions. If you’re selling strictly online, it’s less necessary, but it looks cool.

Marketing and Business

While Winter Island Press does not offer marketing services per se, we can help you design a marketing strategy and connect you to vetted professionals to promote your book’s sales.

Ready to Take The Next Step?

If you have any questions about creating your book, we are always ready to answer them before, during, and after the project is completed.

We look forward to hearing from you.